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Virtual reality control gloves equipped with haptic feedback

Exclusively on the ZL7T blog, companies compete with each other in developing virtual reality tools that will eventually allow you to experience tactile feedback with advanced technical capabilities. The effort didn't just end with virtual reality glasses; it extended to control gloves equipped with tactile feedback, connected to the virtual world (Contact Gloves), serving as supplementary accessories for virtual reality glasses.

Virtual reality control gloves equipped with haptic feedback
Virtual reality control gloves equipped with haptic feedback

What are Virtual Reality Contact Gloves?

Contact Gloves are virtual reality (VR) devices equipped with the latest touch sensors and high-accuracy tracking, connected to virtual reality glasses to provide an integrated virtual reality experience.

The Most Important Uses of Virtual Reality Gloves (Contact Gloves)

This technology is expected to be used in virtual reality games. It is also anticipated to be incorporated into a suit equipped with the same technology and sensory feedback to simulate the experience of war through electronic circuits connected to virtual reality glasses. Furthermore, this technology is predicted to be utilized in performing surgical operations remotely using robots, thus finding application in the medical field. The potential development of this technology to serve other fields is also anticipated.

Composition of Contact Gloves

Contact Gloves consist of a group of small circuits and coils housing numerous tiny motors made of alloys that possess the property of transmitting sensation. These gloves work in conjunction with vibration motors to provide tactile feedback. They are also capable of accurately capturing finger and wrist movements and translating them into the virtual world. When not in use, Contact Gloves can operate for up to 6 hours, whereas during active use, their battery life is reduced to two hours. Charging them takes around two and a half hours.

Price of Contact Gloves

The price of Contact Gloves has reached $500 and is expected to be announced in July 2023.