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Scientists create a substance that turns desert sands into fertile soil

Exclusively on ZL7T blog, a group of scientists have developed a substance that can transform desert sands into fertile soil. Desert Control, a Norwegian company, has successfully created a material called Liquid NanoClay (LNC) that can convert desert sands into fertile soil within just seven hours. This revolutionary invention is the result of the efforts of the acclaimed scientist Christian Olesen, who dedicated extensive research to combat desertification.

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Scientists create a substance that turns desert sands into fertile soil
Scientists create a substance that turns desert sands into fertile soil

How does Liquid NanoClay (LNC) work?

The function of Liquid NanoClay (LNC) involves its application through spraying onto sand. It penetrates the spaces between sand particles and binds with them, resulting in their conversion into fertile soil suitable for agriculture. This process effectively closes the gaps between sand particles, enhancing the sand's water retention capacity. This retained water then serves to nourish plants. Additionally, the particles introduced by the LNC substance can amalgamate with the sand particles, thereby creating agriculturally viable soil. Presently, the company's primary operations are concentrated in the United Arab Emirates.

The Significance of a Substance That Transforms Desert Sands into Fertile Soil:

The significance of converting desert sands into agricultural soil is rooted in its potential to change desert nations such as the United Arab Emirates and various other non-arable regions into arable land. This transformation ultimately establishes food security for these countries. The conversion of desert sands into cultivable soil is now a plausible reality. Moreover, its importance also extends to the modification of the climate in intensely hot regions. Despite numerous endeavors to combat desertification, the primary challenge lies in the associated costs.

What Is the Cost of the Material for Converting Desert Sands into Fertile Soil (LNC)?

The cost of converting desert sands into fertile soil using the LNC (Liquid NanoClay) material is reported to range from $2 to $5 per square meter, according to the CNN network. It's important to note that this cost can be considerably high due to the vast areas that need to be converted. The manufacturing company behind the LNC material has expressed its intention to decrease the cost, especially for lower-income countries, in the near future.
In a statement released by Liquid NanoClay, it's mentioned that the material has a lifespan of five years and will require replenishment over time. As time progresses, the soil will undergo a complete transformation into agricultural soil.