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"artificial pancreas" is a new hope for diabetics, an alternative to insulin


Exclusively on the ZL7T blog, a remarkable invention has emerged: an artificial pancreas known as the "Closed Loop." Its main purpose is to regulate blood sugar levels effectively. A team of experts from a renowned British university has successfully developed this groundbreaking artificial pancreas, which serves as an exceptional substitute for the natural pancreas. By utilizing glucose sensors, it meticulously monitors blood sugar levels and intelligently administers insulin into the bloodstream. This remarkable artificial pancreas signifies a significant breakthrough in the medical field, offering a much-needed solution for individuals grappling with diabetes. Recent research has demonstrated the efficacy of the artificial pancreas in treating both Type 1 and Type 2 diab.

artificial pancreas
"artificial pancreas" is a new hope for diabetics, an alternative to insulin

 How does the artificial pancreas work?

The artificial pancreas monitors blood sugar levels through a glucose sensor, and when the level of glucose in the blood rises, it secretes insulin automatically at the specified dose required to control the level of sugar in the blood.

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 How did the researchers confirm the effectiveness of the artificial pancreas?

 The researchers at the University of Cambridge in the UK confirmed the effectiveness of the artificial pancreas by testing it on a group of individuals with type 2 diabetes. They subjected a group of patients to the artificial pancreas device, while the other group received regular insulin injections. The findings were as follows:

And note the following on the group that took insulin through the artificial pancreas:

  1.   An improvement in the health of patients
  2.  More stability in blood sugar levels
  3.  It provides patients with a more comfortable, normal life
  4.  The speed of insulin interaction with the blood is more than the usual method of "using injections", which provides more comfort for patients.

 The most important advantages and disadvantages of the artificial pancreas device

  •  Small in size and can be carried anywhere
  •  It does not require you to measure your glucose with a glucose sensor
  •  Supplying the adequate and required amount of insulin at the right time
  •  It does not require high skill in installation
  •  It gives you a very normal life. You can work and move without fear of hypoglycemia.


  •  The price of the device is very high compared to the traditional methods
  •  It has not yet been authorized for use outside of hospitals
  •  Still under clinical trials

 What is the price of an artificial pancreas?

 The cost of an artificial pancreas is about $8,000 and about $300 per month.