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Floating solar power plants are a new solution to reduce carbon emissions

Exclusively on ZL7T blog, invent floating solar power plants are built along water bodies, which is the ideal solution for some countries that do not have the elements of obtaining electricity from fossil fuels, which are farms that are done along water bodies of lakes and seas This technology appeared in 2018 in China and is considered halal for high residential countries and is a great contribution to the science of clean energy production.

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Floating solar power plants are a new solution to reduce carbon emissions
Floating solar power plants are a new solution to reduce carbon emissions 

What are the components of floating solar power plants?

The public solar power station consists of a solid structure that floats on water bodies adhering to each other and fixed at the bottom of the water body to prevent its movement, which builds solar energy cells on top of it, which convert solar energy into electrical energy, and then the cables under water transfer photovoltaic energy to power stations, which work to feed residential areas and industrial areas.

What is the importance of floating solar power plants?

  1. Floating solar power plants provide clean electricity to many residents in areas where fossil fuels are not available and industrial areas.
  2. Increasing the efficiency of electricity generation due to the self-cooling property provided by the water bodies to the solar power plant built on it.
  3. Conserves the amount of water in water bodies by reducing the amount of water loss by reducing the incidence of evaporation processes caused by the heat of the sun.
  4. Reducing harmful carbon emissions and helping to benefit from sustainable energy by exploiting solar energy and water bodies.
  5. Floating solar flats provide suitable areas for fish farming and inhibit the growth of algae that deplete aquatic resources.

How do floating solar power plants work?

It is not much different I want to make a floating solar power plant from the traditional solar power plant, it differs only in that it provides the cooling process for solar panels as well as protects solar energy cells from dust that can be found in the construction areas of traditional solar cells, and public solar energy is considered one of the sustainable energy production options as the life span of these cells is 30 years.