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China's latest inventions are a robot for pumping water to reduce and control fires

Exclusively on ZL7T blog, A group of Chinese scientists has invented a robot in the form of a water-throwing tank that can roam inside the fires with ease without causing loss of human lives, as it can be controlled remotely via remote control, and this robot is equipped with a water cannon, which is very similar to a miniature tank with its nozzle, pumping water with a high intensity, which makes it have the ability to reach a long range, whether the fire is far or close to that small robot.

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What does this tiny robot consist of?

As we saw in the previous picture that we showed in the form of the Chinese robot, which was introduced to the Chinese fire extinguishing system, and this robot is a water thrower, which is similar in shape to a miniature war tank with iron feet, as it is equipped with two large water pumps, one main and the other sub, which supplies the robot with water, which in turn pumps this water to the farthest distance and at high pressure, as it is equipped with a thermal camera and a regular camera that helps the person who directs it inside the fires to know the origin of the fire and extinguish it The manufacturer added that this robot will be developed to make it spew balls of carbon dioxide, which in turn reduce gasoline fires and uncontrollable fires with water.

What is the Chinese robot used for?

This Chinese robot is used in highly combustible areas that humans will not be able to enter into the flames to extinguish them, here comes the role of a robot, so this robot is used in an atmosphere that firefighters cannot control.

How much is this Chinese robot available and how much is it for?

The Chinese manufacturer of this robot has promised to provide and distribute it in many different regions in the world and it will begin to be applied to airports, vital places and fire units around the world and will have a designated place in the fire truck to take it out and use it when necessary.