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Switchblade flying car completes first test flight

Exclusively on ZL7T blog, A group of scientists succeed in the manufacture of a vehicle that can move land and sea together called "flying car", which is a vehicle that goes on three wheels and on both sides of a folding wing that can turn into an aircraft when they are individual, as well as can travel on the ground, and the US authorities have agreed to give the experimental license for this vehicle for the purpose of scientific research.
Switchblade flying car completes first test flight
Switchblade flying car completes first test flight

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What does the invention of the flying car consist of?

Flying cars consist of a regular car with three wheels that can walk on the ground as well as fly in the sky and reach a speed of 322 kilometers per hour and a length of 16.8 feet (5.1 meters) and a width of 6 feet (1.8 meters) and that the process of developing this vehicle, which was called (Samson Switchblade) took more than 14 years as the vehicle works by electric charging.

What are the most important uses of a flying car?

The designer of the car says that the goal of producing the flying car is to avoid traffic congestion within cities and work as an urgent transport car for passengers, as it flies in the sky to deliver people to their destination quickly.

How available is this vehicle and how much is it?

The price of this vehicle is about 170 thousand US dollars and the first phase of the launch of these cars will be in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates with a trial launch of 10 cars.