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Electronic chips implanted under the eyes restore vision for the blind

Exclusively with ZL7T blogger, the French authorities have approved the testing of electronic chips that are implanted under the eyes to treat diseases causing blindness. These chips could potentially offer hope to the blind by restoring their sight.

The French project has gained approval to experiment with implanting these chips in 5 blind individuals suffering from long-term vision loss, specifically macular degeneration. This endeavor aims to restore the gift of sight to individuals who are 50 years old.

The "Pixium" company has clarified that the electronic chips, known as "Prima," facilitate electrical stimuli between the brain and the eye. These chips are incredibly small, measuring no more than one-third the size of a human hair.

Mechanism Behind the "Prima" Chips for Restoring Vision in the Blind

Prima chips operate by receiving images captured by a camera worn by the blind individuals. Subsequently, these images are sent to a computer which converts them for transmission to the chips. The chips then relay the processed image to the brain.

Challenges Facing the Implementation of Electronic Chips

A persisting challenge involves deciphering the code through which the brain processes the information transmitted between the eye and the brain. This code varies from person to person. It is anticipated that the installation of these electronic chips will commence once PIXIUM obtains approval from the Food and Drug Administration.