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Innovation: Device Generates Alternative Synthetic Skin, Revolutionizing the Treatment of Burns and Wounds


Exclusively on ZL7T Blog, A group of doctors from Europe, India, and Israel has developed a device that generates skin with a composition similar to human skin. When damaged, this device forms a protective mesh covering wounds and burns, closely resembling natural skin in its structure. This innovative solution serves as a substitute for damaged skin resulting from burns and wounds, aiding in the healing process instead of traditional bandages.

According to the Israeli company "NanoMedic," the new skin, created using the device, enables patients to move comfortably and even bathe. Additionally, the layer formed by the device allows doctors to conduct examinations on the patient with ease.

The innovation of a machine that generates an alternative skin that revolutionizes the world of burns and wounds
Innovation: Device Generates Alternative Synthetic Skin, Revolutionizing the Treatment of Burns and Wounds

Details about the Skin Generation Device, SpinCare

The British newspaper "The Guardian" quoted Rob Lyon, a member of the "NanoMedic" company that manufactured the device. He stated that burns and wounds can be painful, and the same goes for traditional bandages which restrict movement and comfort for the patient. In contrast, the skin produced by the device allows natural movement and interaction, and even permits bathing. It closely mimics human natural skin.

How SpinCare Works?

SpinCare operates by producing microfibers with exceptional insulation properties, replacing traditional bandages. It is suitable for individuals who have undergone facial surgery or suffer from conditions such as diabetes, which can lead to ulceration in some cases, potentially resulting in amputation.

Doctors at Queen Victoria Hospital in Sussex, Britain, have added SpinCare to their medical arsenal, stating that the layer created by the device closely resembles real skin. This similarity facilitates easy patient movement. Recovery indicators for burn and wound patients have shown improvement, attributed to the effectiveness of the fibers generated by the device.